Pre-Bath Grooming

What is Pre-Bath Grooming?

  • Assessing what procedures need to be done before the bath
  • Pre-bath grooming is using high velocity hair dryer, brushing, combing or   raking, to loosen dirt, matts or dead hair from the dogs coat before the bath
  • Cleaning ears, nails and performing hygiene clips.

Why do we groom before bathing? 

  • The dead hair and Matts are removed or loosened and the dirt is loosened to make it easier to get the soapy water through the coat when washing the dog.

Do you have to get all the mats out of the dog before the bath?

  • Yes, when the soapy water will not penetrate through the matt, in this case your groomer will recommend pre clipping your dog.

What method could be used to remove the matt before the bath and in the bath?

  • Matts can be split apart before a bath using a de-matting tool.
  • In the bath the soapy water has to penetrate the matt and a high velocity dryer can be used to split the matt apart to get the matt out.
  • In the bath the soapy water has to penetrate the matt and a slicker used.

Can any of these methods hurt the dog?

  • The groomer can advice if this procedure will hurt your dog or if pre clipping is a more advisable choose, this will come down too how much matting there is and your dogs temperament.

Does just water work to get the matting out?

  • The Matts will increase in size if it mixes just with water
  • The Matts need to be split with soapy water.

If a Dog has been clipped pre bath do we have to clip after bathing?

  • Yes after a dog is completely clean you can get a level effect on the coat but before bathing the coat will be uneven because of the oils and dirt.


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All procedures include

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  • Full Massage
  • Blow Dry
  • Coat condition
  • Ears
  • Nails (if required)

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